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 Efimeros Momentos

The Cuban Masters Ensemble

En El Malecon Habanero


Here is a masterwork of Cuban finesse and sabor. Aaron Singer, longtime Descarga.com patron and connoisseur of all things Cuban, wrote most of the music on Del Pasado Al Presente. Singer gathered some of the Cuban musical elite to bring his project to life.

Renaissance man Bobby Carcasses supplied many of the lyrics and arrangements and sings here, too. But there is such a wealth of talent here that it's impossible to credit but a small percentage in this review.

Here are the singers: Ernesto Bacallao, Bobby Carcasses, Lisset Caro Farquenson, Ernesto Gatell (Gato), Lazaro Galarraga, Alberto "Tamayo" Gonzalez, Sixto Llorente "El Indio," Pedro Lugo Martinez "El Nene," Ariel Monterecy, Aaron Singer and Diana Caro Farquenson. Whew. I'll highlight a few notables: violinists Rafael Lay Bravo and Dagoberto Gonzalez Sibore, tresero Pancho Amat, timbaleros Jose Luis Quintana "Changuito," Enrique Pla Garcia, Horacio Rodriguez Del Toro, Luis Valiente Maxin (Betún) and Lazaro Mendez Odio. There's a ton more.

Angela Roa

Homenaje A Tata Guines

New York area based Latin percussionist, Tomas Martin Lopez has played with the best musicians of the past and present. Growing up in New York City he was attracted to percussion at an early age and was exposed to musical genres like Afro-Cuban jazz, Salsa and Brazilian music. Just coming off a successful 2009 Grammy nominated run and world tour with the legandary New Swing Sextet, he decided that it was time to make his contribution to Latin jazz.

He made his vision come true to produce this Latin jazz inspired CD. Tomas took eight original Brazilian compositions by multi instrumentalist/composer Matt Finley and injected an Afro-Cuban rhythm base giving it a new feel, yet preserving the Brazilian melodic jazzy sound. He recruited pianist/composer Bill O'Connell to add his unique feel and ideas to the charts and contributed three of his own original compositions. Other notable musicians who recorded on this date include Ruben Rodriguez, bassist, Ivan Renta, sax, Matt Finley, trumpet, Joel Rosenblatt, drums, Bill McBirnie, flute, Vito Speranza, trumpet and Jimmy Branly, drums. Solid production.

On The Beat Path

Tomas Martin Lopez

Cubano Chant

Bahia Blues


If you’re a singer, a singer/songwriter, or an instrumentalist and want to make a recording, we can help.​  We can take any song of your choosing and arrange it in any style, provide professional musicians to ​record it and provide you with a high quality finished product. We can also do any combination​ of the above services to suit your needs. Here are some examples of other services we can provide: ​

2009 Grammy Nomination

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