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Our production team works with all styles of music

Latin (all styles,) Brazilian, Pop, R&B, Funk, Rock, Jazz, and  more


On a budget but want to make a quality recording or demo? We can help you.​ We will record you and your band, ​edit and mix the recording, and provide you with a finished polished product.


If you’re a songwriter or performer and need an original or preexisting song arranged, contact us.​ We can write arrangements for any style of music and any instrumentation from solo piano to full orchestra.​


​If you have sheet music or charts that are sloppy, old, or poorly written, or want to convert handwritten charts to printed charts, we can assist you with that.​


​Is there a recording that you would like to have in charted form so you can perform it yourself? Bring us your recording and we will transcribe it for your band.​

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