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Native New Yorker and self-taught percussionist Carlo Lopez has been playing Latin music most of his life. The younger of two musical siblings, he grew up in Brooklyn surrounded by the rich sounds that had come out of the 50’s. As a teen he found himself immersed in the 70's New York salsa scene which at that time was exploding all around him. Over time he learned from old school veterans and eventually became part of a new crop of emerging musicians who were making their mark in the vast landscape of the Latin Salsa music scene. 

In 1992, Carlo relocated to Los Angeles. At that point he had already begun to make a name for himself as a percussionist. He began gigging with local bands, and it was during that time that he also immersed himself in the technology side of things and became adept at sound engineering.

In 2006, he formed The Echo Park Project. Soon after, they recorded their first album Retro New York Salsa, an homage to the sounds near and dear to his heart. Since that time, they have released 6 albums. 

In 2020, Carlo was interviewed by Mitch Glickman on the LATIN SOUNDS: MEET THE MUSICIANS podcast presented by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Listen as they play some of the band's signature pieces and discuss the evolution of Carlo's sound, The Echo Park Project Recording Studio, and the contribution The Echo Park Project has made to the Salsa and Latin Jazz scene.

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