June 14, 2019


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The Echo Park Project releases 5th CD, “El Pin Pin Pon”


Los Angeles, CA – The Echo Park Project, a veteran band from the Los Angeles salsa scene, has

release its 5th CD, “El Pin Pin Pon,” and continues in the tradition of New York’s “salsa dura,”

with new compositions arranged by Grammy-winner Oscar Hernandez.


With a total of 12 songs, this CD combines original songs along with new arrangements of some

of the best songs of Tite Curet Alonzo and Oscar Hernandez, all representatives of the exciting

and unique style of salsa played in New York in the seventies. In total, “El Pin Pin Pon” has six

original compositions from songwriters like Johnny Crespo Estrella and Lino Iglesia, that capture

the seventies flavor with a modern touch.

One of the highlight of the CD are its featured guests, among them percussionists Johnny Dandy

Rodriguez and George Delgado; singers Jorge Maldonado, Freddy Crespo, and Daniel Castillo;

and legendary arrangers including Joe Mannozzi and Oscar Hernandez.

“In our fifth production, the focus was to encourage creativity and originality inside the music

style that we love, hence the number of new compositions. Songs like “El Pin Pin Pon” or

“Zabaramba” will be sure to be a hit with dancers and music lovers alike,” said Carlo Lopez, the

bands founder, who produced and engineered the CD.

Other songs featured in this CD, like “El Pasito Del Shingalin,” “Echo Park Cha Cha,” “ Señor

Salsa,” and “Borinquen La Flor” are all new compositions that will resonate with salsa lovers all

over the world.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Carlo López moved to Los Angeles in 1992, were he founded The

Echo Park Project, a 12 piece-band with some of the best local salsa musicians, who are once

again featured in this project: John Belzaguy, Joey de Leon, Giancarlo Anderson, Jonathan

Montes, Eddie Resto, Steve “Mofongo” Giraldo, Serafin Aquilar, Tomas M López, Hunberto

Ruiz Jr, Frank Fontaine and the new lead singer of the band, Roosevelt Cordova.

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